Our company manufactures artificial flies using top quality hooks. Our models were carefully selected in the process of co-operation with the world-renowned hook producer and were tested by many European anglers. This is how we came about our line of barb and barbless hooks that can be used with most types of flies and fishing methods.

Wizard hooks are made on most advanced production lines in Japan.
For many years our company has been the official sponsor of Polish national fly-fishing team.
Using Wizard hooks, Polish representatives won many individual and team medals at world and European championships.
We keep on expanding our offer and aligning it to changing trends in the sport of fishing.


Since the founding of Wizard many years ago, we have manufactured artificial flies. Our fly lures are sold to fishing shops and all the products are created from carefully selected materials and strictly according to our customers’ requirements with great attention to detail. The experience we accumulated over the years is a warrant of top quality and durability of our flies and tangible results during fishing expeditions. Our flies are sold successfully across Europe, North America and Australia.


We offer high quality nylon and fluorocarbon lines made in Japan and Germany.
They have gained loyal users for many years.

Wizard – our company was founded in 2000 by its owner Andrzej Zasadzki, who has fallen in love with fly-fishing in his childhood. Andrzej is a fly- fishing contestant and a long-standing member of the Polish national fly fishing team, who represented his country at world and European championships.

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Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki

ul. Ojcowska 1
31-344 Kraków


Tel.: +48 12 638 03 28 | +48 602 652 904
E-mail: wizardflyhooks@gmail.com | an.zasadzki@wp.pl

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